Monday’s Homework

0-Healthy Eating Assessment

1-Vocabulary Crossword

2-Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous

3-Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous

4-Practical English: Introductions


The Perfect City is “CBJ”

My favorite city is CBJ (Colombia-Bogotá-jacky) because it is has a residential area close the University and school. There are many bus stations and train stations. My favorite city has a lot of different important places: a bank, a hospital, a library, nightclubs and cinemas. Also, if you want to go dance, shop or eat, you can go to the commercial area close the residential area and enjoy the places. The most important place for me, however is the leisure center because I like playing sports.



un cane

Valentina:    Ciao!  Mi chiamo Valentina. E tu, come ti chiami?

Giancarlo:    Mi chiamo Giancarlo. Piacere, Valentina! 

Valentina:    Piacere, Giancarlo!     O  Piacere di conoscerti, Giancarlo!

Giancarlo:    Di dove sei, Valentina?

Valentina:    Sono di Torino. E tu, Giancarlo, di dove sei?

Giancarlo:   Sono di Napoli.

Valentina:    Napoli e’ una bellissima citta’!  Mi piace molto.

Giancarlo:   Piace anche a me!

Valentina:  Hai un cane?

Giancarlo:  Si, si chiama Tattinger.

Valentina:  E’ bellissimo!  Che tipo e’?

Giancarlo:  E’ un Norwich Terrier.

Valentina:  Che bello!!!!

L’alfabeto italiano

The Italian Alphabet

This video gives a review of the Italian Alphabet.

For homework,

1. Pay attention and repeat after the teacher at home! Don’t worry if you cannot understand everything he says.

2. Make an Instagram account that you will use exclusively for your learning purposes. Post your Instagram name in the comment box below.

3. Make a video of yourself pronouncing the Italian alphabet. Share it to your Instagram account and comment on each others’ videos.

In bocca al lupo! (good luck!)

Come fare una ricarica TIM in Italia

Questo post ti insegna come fare una chiamata da un cellulare.

1. Compra un cellulare in Italia o porta un cellulare dagli stati uniti.

2. Compra una SIM da un negozio TIM.


3. Compra una scheda “RicariCard” in Tabaccheria o dal distributore automatico.



4. Gratta la striscia sulla scheda delicatamente per rivelare il codice segreto.

5. Chiama Tim — Fai il numero 40916

6. Segui le istruzioni e inserisci il codice segreto

Bravo!  Hai appena ricaricato il tuo cellulare.  Ora,

7. Fai il numero della persona che vuoi chiamare e connetti.

Smaller than a Smart car

In a busy Rome city square  this weekend I was caught up in the excitement of a red carpet lineup of shiny black models of the car shown in the photo below. Tourists and Romans alike couldn’t resist having their photo taken in one in these with the picturesque fontana behind them.

The commotion in the square Saturday evening in Rome was over the promotion of the Twizy, Renault’s new one person electric ‘urban crosser.’ The price starts at 6,000Euros with the option to rent the battery charger for 50 euros a month.

G’head. Talk amongst yourselves.

Bella Roma

Quirinal Ceiling

..just love the color scheme used here in the ceiling of the Quirinale. Periwinkle blue, pink, gold, and a creamy white.

Ti piacciono i colori?


what’s new

SoItalian! is working on Italian learning apps for iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Have requests for things you’d like to see in Italian language learning apps? Let us know!

Here’s what it looks like so far!

La Befana

Did you know that children in Italy receive gifts even after Christmas? Yes, of course! La Befana brings them, and she’s coming soon. La Befana is the little old lady who makes her rounds to deliver gifts to Italian children on Ephiphany Eve, the night of January 6. She is most often portrayed holding a broomstick and wearing a black shawl. La Befana brings children treats and toys in their sock if they’ve been good, or a lump of coal or dark piece of candy if they’ve been bad.

According to historic folklore, La Befana is closely related to the New Year. She represents the old year that has just passed, ready to be burned to give way to the new year.

Can you say this Italian verse about the Befana aloud?:

    La Befana vien di notte
   con le scarpe tutte rotte
   attraversa tutti i tetti
   porta bambole e confetti

    La Befana comes at night/with her shoes all broken/she crosses all the roofs/brings dolls and candies

Hope you enjoyed the bit on La Befana. Alla prossima!

Italian New Year’s Eve traditions

Italians love tradition, and those surrounding New Year’s Eve are no exception. Here are three fun Italian traditions that you can follow either at home or in Italy as you ring in the New Year:

#1. Wear red underwear!

Everyone- the kids, papà, and even grandma (la nonna), will be wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve. As any Italian will tell you, doing so is sure to bring you good luck in the upcoming year.

uno slip rosso

#2. Do Lo Sciuscio, or the Neopolitan tradition of throwing your old things out the window, which symbolizes a readiness to accept the New Year. Just tell your neighbors that it’s a tradizione importante! And, if you’re going to be outside as the clock strikes twelve in Italy on Capodanno (New Year’s Eve), be careful not to get hit by any objects falling from the balcone!

#3.  Spumante is a must. Many elaborate toasts will be made as the ball drops. You’ll need to sip spumante or prosecco as you gather ’round, so make sure you have plenty of it!

#4. Most importantly, say

AUGURI!  —  (Sounds like Ow-goo-reee)!

Felice anno nuovo!   Happy New Year!

By the way, a pretty cool New Year’s resolution is to learn Italian. Why not try a free Italian lesson with SoItalian! today?